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How your smartphone can help you get quick answers and reduce physician visits

If you own an iPhone or other smartphone, you already have a powerful tool that could transform the way you receive healthcare. That’s because today’s smartphone cameras make it possible to take a high quality photo at the press of a button and share the image in seconds. With just a little knowledge, you can take medical photographs that tell doctors everything they need to know. And that opens up a brand new way of communicating with physicians and other medical professionals.

Get answers fast

How long do you want to wait to find out what your health problem is and what you should do about it?

It’s not always possible to see a doctor face to face quickly - and the more time you have to wait, the more time there is to worry.  A shared good quality image, series of images or video could be all that’s needed for a doctor to understand what’s going on and give you the right advice. Learn how to take the right shots with your smartphone camera, and you can get answers in minutes rather than waiting weeks.

Get the right treatment from the start

Doctors can only base their opinion on what they see and hear from the patient – but sometimes that’s not the whole story. If your symptoms come and go, chances are they’ll disappear the day before your appointment. And problems with behaviour or movement certainly can’t be reproduced at will. How do you explain in detail a toddler’s erratic behaviour when they sit quietly in the doctor’s office, or an elderly person’s growing confusion when they seem perfectly rational during the appointment? Diagnosis isn’t always easy.

Take well-planned medical photos and videos with your smartphone to show the physician, and you can give a far more complete account of what’s going on. That in turn gives you a much better chance of getting the right diagnosis and treatment at an early stage and so preventing the problem getting worse. You don’t need to go back to the physician repeatedly, and you have the reassurance of knowing you or your loved one are getting the most appropriate treatment.

Want to know more about smartphone medical photography? Keep reading.

Access specialist doctors, wherever they are

It’s a simple fact there aren’t enough specialist doctors. If you need to see one, you’ll probably face a long wait or a long journey – or both.

So, imagine if there was no need for a face-to-face visit at all.

Your smartphone camera can get you an expert opinion from a specialist, no matter where in the world they might be. If you know how to provide what’s needed, you can simply send images of the problem to the specialist via photos or videos taken on your phone. He or she can then give you their advice straightaway.

Cut down on the number of trips to the doctor for ongoing conditions

Do you find yourself making regular trips to a doctor’s office for ongoing monitoring or follow-up checks? Learn how to take a high quality medical photo, and there might well be no need to make the journey. What’s important is that the doctor can see how the condition is progressing and how treatment is working. They can then reassure you everything is going to plan, discuss alternative treatments, or even refer you to a specialist - all without you having to leave home.

Learn how to use your smartphone camera for medical photography

Anyone can learn how to take photos good enough to allow doctors to make sound diagnoses. With just a little understanding of what doctors need to see and knowledge of a few simple techniques, you too can start using your smartphone camera to save time and reduce doctor visits.

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